Discontinuing Enter The Wall :(

We recently took the decision to discontinue Enter The Wall, and would like to thank every one who showed us their support.
It has been an amazing experience, and will keep you updated if we decide to revive the service in any way.

The EnterTheWall Team.

Want People in China to Use What You Are Creating?

After spending several years in China, we realized this was a recurrent problem. The fact is, most websites and services commonly used in the West are not accessible to people living in China.
We realize that everyone is not satisfied with this new status quo. So, we decided to start monitoring the speed of most popular services used to build web applications in order to help you make the most appropriate choices while building your product.

Here are the results.



response time (ms)

Note that, due to the rapidly changing situation, results here cannot be interpreted as a perpetual truth. In order to give you the best experience, we are building a personalized monitoring solution adapted to your needs.
Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service for me?

If you are building a website, a web product, or starting a business in China, we want to help you. Let us know about your exciting project!

What does these metrics correspond to?

We are testing the reponse time of websites/services from China. This response time represents the duration a webpage, or an item of a webpage, needs to start loading. It is a concrete value representing how fast (or slow) a website could feel to someone browsing it.

To perform the test, we measure the time it takes to get the HTTP header of a given endpoint.
  • The HTTP header is the very first part of the data you get when trying to access a website.
  • An endpoint is the address of a particular website or service (sometimes called "API").

You could call this method a HTTP ping.

We provide you three types of data:
  • Daily success rate: the percentages of tests that succeed over the last day.
  • Weekly success rate: the percentages of tests that succeed over the last week.
  • Min/Max/Median reaching time (in milliseconds): the time it takes to reach the desired service. These are daily minimum, maximum and median values. Note the large gap between the minimum and maximum values due to the times the measurements were made (generally, surfing online in China is much faster on a weekday at 8am than a weekend at 7pm).

Consider services with a success rate <60-70% and/or a median reaching time >2000/3000ms as not fairly accessible from China.

How did these metrics have been gathered?

We test services regularly during the day from different home-based broadband connections. We use dedicated personal computers to perform these tests.

Does this mean I would measure the same values if I were trying to surf these websites from China?

Indeed. Although, as is the case almost everywhere in the world, the Internet connection will vary from one place to another, even within the same city. The data we provide you is very close to what you would measure in a standard habit, in a large city, like Beijing or Shanghai.

I am using some other services to build my website, can you add them to the list?

Sure! Tell us about which awesome product you are building, as well as the services you are using, and we will be more than happy to integrate them to the list.

If you are familiar with Github, you can also submit a pullrequest to the dedicated repository.

Apply for Private Beta - it's free!

Stay tuned,

We're going further!

Our main objective is to help you build awesome products, fairly accessible to people living in a country where nearly a billion of them are connected to the internet, but where the current infrastructure sometimes limits its usability.
We will soon offer a platform that will let you test and monitor your own services, as they appear to Chinese netizens. We want to help you entering China.

Leave us your contact details on the left form to be part of our private beta for free! To ensure we provide the best platform for you, let us know which kind of product you are building and how we can help you.